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Candidate Outreach: Our First Step to Finding the Perfect Match

“Just put an ad on socials, and someone will come up.” Someone may come up, but will there be a perfect match?

scandiweb has been established as an international eCommerce and development agency, and it takes a lot to find candidates in large numbers with a spice of quality. Challenge? Definitely. But we have created our strategy and selected the best channels and tactics that are suitable for our search.  

Location and demand

Being an international company means our search goes global. We now have more than 500 colleagues representing 30+ countries and providing services to more than 70 countries! 

We have grown global because of venturing into employee outreach. However, to find the perfect match, we stick to those countries where we have experienced quality, collaboration, and considerable demand. It is our first step to gauging whether we match the potential candidate’s expectations.

Getting feedback, learning, and exploring

We learn through our successes and mistakes. We review our experiences and reflect on which are the better performing target countries and channels, especially where we have already succeeded in finding our perfect candidate. The Outreach and Recruitment team recently gathered feedback about our process from newly accepted and recently rejected candidates. The information we received has been insightful and has nudged us to improve details in our outreach and recruitment practices.

One of the latest improvements we made was in the general job ad copies. We noticed that our best outreach channels experienced an increase in the number of applicants, but the skill quality got lower. It was a signal for us that changes were needed.

When it comes to the channels we use for outreach, we research the labor market for each country we want to target and choose a few channels to open our job opportunities in. Shooting in the dark, we sometimes get lucky and find the perfect platform on the first try. Other times, it takes us a second or even a third try before we get there.

Branding the story              

Outreaching starts not only with channels and job ads but also with the story about our brand, especially employment branding. This summer, our employment branding is having a makeover too.

We do our best to catch potential employees’ attention with our own story on our company website, career page, and social media. Each platform serves its own purpose. For example, the best place to see scandiweb from within is Instagram and TikTok. On Facebook, we share our achievements, news, and announcements. On LinkedIn, you can join our network and see who among your friends is already with us. 

All these pieces of information that we share are important to us. We try our best to keep the content realistic and be honest with potential employees. 

We are proud of our people and our stories with them! That’s why we share stories that showcase our diversity and reveal the different aspects of being part of scandiweb. Some stories make us laugh, while others leave us in awe—such as those highlighting the adventures of our colleagues from countries far away. Then there are those memories that are simply too good not to cherish. And the stories that make us proud, like our achievements and accomplishments. Needless to say, we have all these good things to share because of all the people we have on board.

Ready to be part of our story? Head on over to our Careers page and find a position that matches your interests and skill set. We’ll be waiting for your application!

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