Diverse Backgrounds, Boundless Opportunities: A Career Change with scandiweb

If you are interested in pursuing a career in IT but doubt if you have the right background or experience to get started, remember that there is always a chance! At scandiweb, we believe that passion and willingness to learn are just as important as experience to build a successful career in IT. We offer opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to join our team as junior specialists and work their way up to becoming professionals. 

In this article, we want to share the story of our colleague, Gela, a web developer who started his IT journey with scandiweb. Find out how he has grown and developed his skills over time.

From hobby to career

Gela had always been fascinated by technology and programming as a hobby, but he never considered it as a potential career until he encountered a scheduling disaster at his previous job. “I saw an opportunity to apply my programming skills to solve the problem, and successfully doing so solidified my interest in programming as a potential career path,” he explained.

Although his past work experience was never directly related to programming, the skills and knowledge he gained from previous roles—being detail-oriented, problem-solving under pressure, and managing multiple tasks simultaneously—helped Gela prepare for the challenges of working in the IT field and proved to be incredibly useful working as a developer at scandiweb.

My experience working in diverse teams and collaborating with others has helped me communicate effectively with my colleagues and work together to achieve common goals.”


Constant growth by overcoming challenges

As a member of scandiweb’s Extension Team, Gela has tackled several challenging projects that have enabled him to build his skills and gain valuable experience. Describing his most challenging task, Gela remembered PAN Emirates, his first major project outside of the Extension Team: “During the project, I faced several obstacles. Nevertheless, I overcame them by collaborating closely with my colleagues, conducting extensive research, and seeking advice and guidance from more experienced team members.”

He also noted that scandiweb had been incredibly supportive of his professional development, providing on-the-job training and mentorship from more experienced developers, including to their single source of truth. This helped Gela become familiar with eCommerce platforms and their specific requirements that once scared him. “I have also benefited from scandiweb’s culture of continuous learning and improvement, which encourages us to attend conferences, meetups, and other events to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry.”

scandiweb’s corporate culture and focus on employee development makes it unique.”


From day one, Gela felt like a valued member of the team. The friendly and collaborative work environment has been a major factor in his job satisfaction and overall career path, and he appreciates the emphasis on work-life balance. “All of these factors have contributed to my positive experience at scandiweb and my desire to continue growing my career with this company,” Gela concludes.

Gela highlights that having a supportive team is important for everyone, especially when starting something new—whether joining a new company, changing career paths, or working on a new project.

Take the first step!

Our colleague’s advice to someone who is interested in pursuing a career in IT but doesn’t have any background in the field is to approach it logically and step-by-step. Gela is sure that with time, patience, and willingness to learn, it’s possible to demystify any confusing concepts and become proficient in IT.

Don’t let the perceived complexity of technology intimidate you.”


We hope Gela’s experience encourages others who are interested in pursuing a career in IT to take the first step. At scandiweb, we believe that with a willingness to learn and a supportive team, anyone can achieve their goals and excel in the IT industry.

Care to join scandiweb? Don’t hesitate to visit our Careers page and find the right role for you in our team!

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