The Strength of a Cup of Coffee

Since remote jobs are the new normal, cafes and coffee shops have become a very popular working place. Not only do coffee shops and cafes offer workers the opportunity to work comfortably outside the house but also allow people from different industries to come together in the same room and share stories. And then, several cups of coffee begin to reveal common interests and even inspire amazing solutions to similar problems they’ve encountered in their respective fields. That is the power of cafes and coffee!

Sharing a cup of coffee is more than just about filling the room of its wonderful aroma—it’s about getting people together.

And this is why two years ago when we did a kitchen makeover at our Riga headquarters, we decided to create our own office cafe!

Our kitchen-cafe

It was like this before…

Truth be told, the kitchen had already been the heart and soul of the office before the renovation. We had shelves filled with board games there and it was home to multiple gatherings and events. Hence, we had to make the renovation especially great.

Our original kitchen

And here it is now!

So while keeping the same vibes as before, we turned this space in the office into a real cafe by adding a professional coffee machine, hiring a certified barista, and of course, setting everything up as in a cozy cafe you’d want to spend a good part of your afternoon at. And it’s definitely become the most loved place in the office for many.

Our kitchen-cafe!

Connection point

It is the place where people meet for a morning coffee, where they come for a quick chat over hot chocolate before and after meetings, where there are jokes during lunch. The place where people get together.

We have seen how people come into the kitchen with a curious frown and an intense look on their face because of an issue they just can’t figure out how to solve, but then then finish their coffee looking calmer and refreshed. What’s with the sudden change in mood? The coffee, maybe?

Okay, it’s not just the coffee. Although it plays a big role.

When someone walks in with a perplexed expression like that, this is what you can expect to see within five minutes: people working together to find a solution to whatever problem is in hand! And while they’re on it, they are all drinking coffee, of course! Really, you can be surprised by how much power coffee and a nice kitchen can bring to people.

Having a kitchen-cafe is like having our own co-working space in the office, with the especially great perk of amazing coffee. From time to time people choose to switch from working on their desks to taking things to the kitchen—changing their setup and environment by walking just a couple of steps to where the coffee aroma is the strongest.

Our kitchen-cafe has become the center of in-office networking. While a person is waiting for their coffee, they are usually joined in by more people who come for the same dose of caffeine. In no time, you’ll see a group of people talking about all sorts of things. Maybe someone is planning to install solar panels at home? The kitchen-cafe is the place to meet colleagues that have done it before!

Always a warm smile with that fresh cup


Indeed. That’s the subtle message the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the ambiance of our kitchen-cafe are constantly sending.

And even if you happen to find the cafe wanting of its usual crowd, our baristas will always be a friendly face to welcome you. They will listen to your work (or non-work) problems, lighten up your day with a warm cup of coffee, and inspire you to make a great start. You can count on that.

Our baristas at Scandiweb have become like community managers. They are the ones who know all about the office happenings and help colleagues with different kinds of questions about the office and whatnots.

Usually, a barista is the first buddy to a newcomer. And why not? The baristas connect people, solve problems, and make great coffee which boosts energy and mood! They are not just about making coffee, you see. They play an important part in building a more cohesive team in the office.

Our commitment to team building

By setting up our kitchen-cafe, we understood the strength of a cup of coffee. And no, it doesn’t lie in the the level of caffeine of a shot of espresso.

Coffee brings people together. And if an unlimited supply of it is what it takes to help ensure we are building a strong community under our roof, we are all for it.

And you know what? We are also for growing our team and welcoming new people that share the same values that we honor at Scandiweb. Head on over to our Careers page and take your pick of the team you’d like to be a part of. We can’t wait to share a cup of coffee with you in our kitchen-cafe!

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