Touring the Latvian “mini-Google” on Shadow Day

So, we’re not really a search-engine-centric company, nor are we the size of Google, but we definitely have the spirit and we want to bring that spirit to others.

Every year in Latvia we have special event called Shadow day. This event is organized by Ministry of Education to support college students in their choice of further studies and career. In fact, each of them gets a chance to be a “shadow” that is — “silently following” a professional of his or hers choice.

The value of Shadow Days

Shadowing is fun and gives you real feeling of what it is to be developer, project manager, QA or administrative assistant or any other profession that you sign up to shadow. Because, you’re essentially observing what the person you are shadowing is actually doing all day long, you can ask questions and see what is going on in the office al day long. Some college students sign up to shadow major of the capital, but this year Scandiweb had more shadows than city major

In 2014 we received close to 100 applications and selected 25 people to spend a great day together!

Statistics of Scandiweb Shadow day participants, 2014 year:

  • Gender: 14% Girls, 86% Boys.
  • Location: 50% from the capital of Riga, 50% from other cities and countryside.
  • Age: average age 17, youngest person 10 years old, oldest person 19 years old.
  • IT knowledge: 68.2% have personal experience with at least one programming language.
  • Travel: Shadows traveled in total 3310 km

Places where our Shadows came from:

Photo gallery:

Let us help you:

Want to Shadow us? Scandiweb is a great company to visit! It is the most certified Magento agency in the world with more than a hundred experienced coders and more than a decade of experience under its belt. We’re here to help, so if you have any questions – drop us a line at [email protected] or check out our services page.

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