What Is PWA and How Can It Take Your Website to the Next Level?

A PWA (Progressive Web Application) is a website with all the benefits of an app (and more). This is why everyone is talking about PWAs right now!

Tell me more about what PWAs are

Although the technology has been around for a while, the popularity of PWAs has skyrocketed in the past few years. Progressive Web Applications are special web applications that are accessed like normal websites but offer benefits like offline usability, push notifications, and access to device hardware – things that were previously only available to native apps.

So, a PWA = a cool website with the features of an app.

So what are these features?

PWAs give you a faster, more reliable, and more engaging version of your website or eCommerce store. How is it done?

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of PWA

As a website or eCommerce store owner:

  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Increase user time on your site
  • Improve user experience
  • Increase your organic search traffic
  • Native apps are usually more expensive to create and maintain than PWA
  • Your most loyal customers can save your app on their home screen
  • All of the above means you will improve your profits

For a more detailed look at PWA, check out this post by our CEO – Why PWA?


To find out why a custom-built PWA solution is the best option for your Magento store, read this post.

As a user:

  • Faster – instant load time
  • Offline browsing
  • Better experience
  • PWAs use less data
  • 1-click access (save as an icon on your phone home screen)

What can PWAs do?

PWAs can do most things that native apps can do, like having an offline mode, accessing your camera and microphone if necessary, GPS, and more.

Imagine browsing your favorite online store with instant page loading speeds whilst flying at 35,000ft or in the subway – and knowing once you go back online your order will be processed automatically!

Well, I already have a native app


You can still use your mobile apps for iOS and Android while having a PWA to supercharge your desktop site. And if you want to simply offer the best experience, then also having a mobile PWA will ensure all bases are covered and that you are maximizing your store’s reach.

If you don’t already have an app and/or are on a tight budget, there are several reasons to prioritize developing a PWA instead of an app:

Development time and app downloads

The development of a PWA for your store is much quicker and so much more affordable than developing a native app. Apps can have a higher barrier to entry as your customers will need to head to their application store to download and install your app (and wait for it to download). No one likes to wait! Bonus: PWAs can also be added to app stores for greater discoverability.


You also have to take into account different operating systems (Apple, Android, etc.) whereas PWAs are programmed in one language and work across all devices.

You don’t need to bother with app publishing/update limitations from the major app stores. Updates to your PWA are live as soon as they are published.

Increased traffic

PWAs are websites – so they can be indexed and ranked by Google, while apps can’t! So let your SEO shine and get that sweet organic traffic.

Not PG-only

If you own an “unconventional” online store you can run into issues getting apps or online ads approved, think tobacco, vape, or sex stores. With PWAs you are free to do your thing.

What else is there to know about PWAs?

  • Who uses PWAs now?
  • What’s an example of a PWA?
  • Can I get a PWA?
  • Is it difficult to get a PWA?

The biggest and the best are using PWAs now

You may have heard that Amazon is using a PWA. And Alibaba. And Uber. To put it simply, PWAs are the best choice right now for eCommerce. The benefits and results are immeasurable.

Another strong indication is Google’s adoption of PWA. Google is pushing PWA really, really hard. Google even prioritizes search engine positions to PWA sites, so your SEO and organic search traffic would improve. By not switching to PWA you are at risk of losing your position in Google to competitors.

Read the stats below to find out how impressive the results have been.

Benefits of PWAs in action

Check out these seven real case studies to see why PWA is the best choice for your eCommerce store!

Who else uses a PWA?

Forbes, Virgin America, Trivago, Telegram, and more are definitely on their way.

Where can I see a PWA in action?

Check out a PWA demo store here (desktop & mobile) by ScandiPWA. Also, Appsco.pe showcases many different kinds of PWAs – shops, games, tools and more.

Can I get a PWA for my Magento store?

Here at Scandiweb, we proudly offer our customers game-changing PWA solutions for their Magento stores. Are you ready to maximize your store’s potential? Click here to request a call back for a personalized consultation about PWA.

Is PWA right for me?

Would you like to increase your eCommerce store’s profit and improve your customers’ experience on your website? PWA is perfect for you. Get all of the advantages of the latest technology and leave your slow, old website behind.

The future of progressive web apps

What’s in store for the future of progressive web apps? With the major players already in the game, it’s clear that PWA is the best cutting-edge technology for eCommerce right now.

Currently offering the best load speeds, plus offline browsing, push notifications, and without the need to download an app, PWAs are unmatched in the market. The only way is up from here – let’s wait and see which features will be added next!

And how long will it be before Progressive Web Apps dominate the web?
Well, they already are – the results speak for themselves.

Don’t get left in the dust – go PWA now!

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