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Jaidah Group’s Success in Qatari Online Auto Market via Automotive SEO

Jaidah Group raised the bar for car dealerships in the Middle East with their innovative online sales platform, the first of its kind in the region. Leveraging the expertise of scandiweb’s Magento and SEO teams, Jaidah Group successfully launched eCommerce websites for Hyundai, Geely, and Chevrolet—ensuring optimal visibility and a competitive edge in the online car sales market.

This case study explores the competitive automotive SEO initiatives scandiweb undertook for Jaidah Group’s fresh Hyundai eCommerce platform that led to 4.2K monthly organic traffic and 120 keywords ranking in the top 3 of Google Search results.

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  • Successful launch of Jaidah Group’s Hyundai eCommerce website with scandiweb’s SEO services in Qatar
  • From 0 to 3K – 4.2K monthly organic traffic, significantly exceeding projections
  • Over 120 keywords ranking in the top 1-3 positions on Google Search, surpassing competitors
  • Innovative automotive search engine optimization solutions tailored for the Qatari market
  • Car product pages with configurable parameters set up as static URL landing pages for seamless content indexing
  • Comprehensive multi-language SEO strategies

Business needs and goals

The primary objective for Jaidah Group was to establish a strong online presence for their automotive brands—Hyundai, Geely, and Chevrolet—in the highly competitive Qatari market. The conglomerate aimed to increase visibility in Google search results, ensuring they could compete effectively against well-established car-selling portals and dealer websites in Qatar. The ultimate goal was to drive direct car sales through their eCommerce platforms by ranking high for transactional keywords and attracting substantial organic traffic.


A plan was developed to compete directly with major car portals and dealers in Qatar selling Hyundai vehicles. 

Our recommendation was to host the new website on a subdomain rather than a new domain, considering it the most advantageous strategy from an SEO standpoint. Using subdomains leverages the existing domain’s authority and facilitates a reciprocal transfer of SEO trust between the subdomain and the main domain. This setup assists in boosting the overall search rankings for both domains.

The strategic approach included the setup of unique car product pages with configurable parameters as static URL landing pages. This structure was designed to enhance seamless content indexing by search engine bots, ensuring the site’s content was readily discoverable.


The project team faced several challenges in their quest to dominate the automotive SEO game in Qatar. These challenges ranged from intense competition with established car-selling portals to complex technical requirements for their multi-language, JavaScript-heavy websites.

SEO competition

Competing against large, well-established car portals and dealer websites in Qatar was a daunting task. Jaidah Group needed to ensure that their new, relatively small eCommerce websites could attract significant organic traffic and rank highly in search results for crucial transactional keywords.

Technical complexities

The technical aspects of optimizing the new Hyundai eCommerce website presented another set of challenges. Given the multi-language support and heavy use of JavaScript, it was crucial to ensure proper technical SEO setup.

Static URLs for more effective page indexing

A unique challenge was creating static URLs for configurable car product pages. Each time a user selected specific features and specifications, the URL parameters would change, making it difficult for search engines to index the content. The SEO team wanted to ensure that only static URLs were indexed by search engines while avoiding the indexing of parameter-laden URLs.


To address the challenges and meet Jaidah Group’s business goals, scandiweb’s SEO team implemented a comprehensive and strategic approach. Our automotive SEO strategy involved meticulous keyword research, technical SEO setup, and innovative solutions tailored to the Hyundai eCommerce platform.

Technical SEO setup

The SEO team undertook a full SEO setup from scratch, focusing on both technical and on-page SEO elements. This included optimizing meta titles and descriptions, ensuring proper canonical and hreflang tag setup, and creating XML and HTML sitemaps. Robots meta tags, OG tags, and structured data were also implemented to enhance the websites’ search engine visibility. Additionally, prerendering was implemented to ensure that all JavaScript content was accessible to search bots.

Keyword research and content strategy

Extensive keyword research, in both English and Arabic, was conducted for the Qatari automotive market. This research identified high-value keywords and phrases that potential customers were likely to use when searching for cars online. Based on this research, content optimization guidelines were developed to ensure that the websites could effectively target and rank for these keywords. Meta titles and descriptions were to be optimized, and keywords were to be integrated into the content.

Following this strategy, the projection was that the new Jaidah Group Hyundai eCommerce site would get 2.2K to 3.2K monthly organic traffic within 2 years.

Static URLs for configurable car pages

A unique solution was developed to address the challenge of dynamic URLs for configurable car product pages. The team ensured that these pages were presented as static URLs for search engine bots, facilitating seamless content indexing. This innovative approach allowed search engines to index the content correctly despite the dynamic nature of the user-selected parameters. The SEO team devised the strategy, and the development team successfully implemented it.

Internal linking and backlink strategies

To further enhance SEO, internal linking guidelines were provided to improve the website structure and user experience. Recommendations for additional page creation were made to maximize SEO value, and placements for backlink-building opportunities were identified to boost the website’s authority and ranking potential.


The strategic approach and tailored automotive SEO solutions implemented by scandiweb yielded impressive results for Jaidah Group’s Hyundai eCommerce platform.

Innovative static URL strategy

One of the project’s most innovative aspects was the creation of static URLs for product pages with configurable car features. Only the static URLs, which contained all necessary content, were indexed by search engines. This approach ensured that search engines could efficiently index the content, enhancing the website’s SEO performance and visibility.

Organic traffic growth

The website achieved significant organic traffic growth. Starting from zero, the Hyundai site now receives between 3K and 4.2K monthly organic visits. This growth substantially surpasses the projected 2.2K – 3.2K monthly organic traffic based on keyword value and ranking potential—a couple of months ahead of the two-year timeframe in the projection.

Graph showing organic traffic growth in the last 2 years for Jaidah Group's Hyundai eCommerce website

Keyword rankings

scandiweb’s automotive SEO efforts resulted in over 120 keywords ranking in the top 1-3 positions on Google. These include highly competitive transactional keywords, which are crucial for driving direct car sales. Notably, the website outperformed competitors and ranked first (top 1 result) for keywords such as “Hyundai Creta price in Qatar,” “Hyundai Qatar,” and “Hyundai Venue,” among others. The new eCommerce site ( now ranks higher with transactional keywords than the main Hyundai informational website ( by Jaidah Group.

Overall, the project was a resounding success, demonstrating the power of a well-executed SEO strategy in driving business growth and achieving significant online visibility.

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