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Growing Brand Awareness Through Social Media: From 50 to 1,000 Followers in 2 Weeks on Instagram

Wondering how a brand can transition from obscurity to digital visibility in just two weeks? This case study reveals how scandiweb skillfully used social media tactics to do exactly that for an an elite performance sportswear manufacturer.

Already renowned for their top-notch seamless sportswear, this company took the bold step of launching their own brand. As they ventured into the eCommerce space, their aim was clear and ambitious: to boost sales and raise brand awareness. This narrative highlights the brand’s digital transformation, underscored by the use of innovative social media strategies that redefined its online presence.


  • Transformed the brand’s social media with aesthetic, value-driven content, driving engagement on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok
  • Boosted brand image and followers with a sustainability-focused campaign
  • Expanded brand reach through targeted influencer collaborations and direct interactions with the audience
  • Instagram followers grew from 50 to 1,000 in just two weeks

Business needs and goals

The company entered the competitive sportswear market with a vision to establish a strong online presence and drive eCommerce sales. Their immediate need was to break through the digital noise and reach potential customers effectively. The goal was not just to attract eyeballs but to convert views into engagement and engagement into a loyal customer base.

With these objectives in mind, the project aimed to harness the potential of social media to create a buzz around the new brand.


The journey of elevating the nascent brand was not without its hurdles. Each challenge presented a unique opportunity for us to innovate and adapt.

The first hurdle was its social media presence. Their existing content, while informative, didn’t fully capture the dynamic and innovative spirit of the brand. This lack of identity made it challenging to connect with the target audience authentically.

Another significant challenge was to maintain consistency in posting and engagement across platforms, a key factor that algorithms favor. Furthermore, the task of turning followers into brand ambassadors required a strategy that resonated deeply with the audience’s values, especially around sustainability.


Our approach was tailored to not only showcase the brand but to resonate deeply with the audience, fostering a sense of community and engagement. We crafted a strategy that addressed all facets of their digital identity for maximum impact.

Content overhaul: Crafting a new brand narrative

The journey began with a focus on Instagram and Facebook, later expanding to TikTok. Initially, the content on Instagram was dated, overly commercial, and lacking a unique brand voice. To address this, we developed multiple creative briefs, guiding the client towards producing content that was both natural and aesthetically pleasing, while also being informative about the product’s qualities.

The new content strategy revolved around being engaging, educational, inspiring, and sales-driven. We shared a variety of content, including workout and yoga tips, and communicated the brand’s stance on sustainability and body positivity. This approach aimed to not only showcase the brand but also to create a sense of community among the audience.

We closely monitored the performance of each content piece, gathering insights to continuously refine our approach for optimal engagement across platforms.

The power of consistent engagement

We knew the importance of sticking to a schedule. So, we consistently posted 5-7 times a week on Instagram and Facebook, and even multiple times a day on TikTok. The content was planned and scheduled weeks in advance, with flexibility to accommodate the client’s promotional campaigns.

On TikTok, we experimented extensively—tweaking video sounds, editing styles, captions, and lengths, and using various templates to identify the most effective strategies for engaging the target audience. This rigorous testing and adaptation process was key to maximizing the platform’s potential.

From followers to advocates: A community-centric approach

Turning followers into brand ambassadors was a central goal. To achieve this, we aligned the campaign with the company’s strong focus on sustainability. The company’s environmentally-friendly practices in manufacturing, such as using renewable energy, minimizing water usage, and employing sustainable materials, were highlighted.

The “Follow and Plant a Tree” campaign was a peak moment in this strategy. We created multiple posts and paid ads featuring posters and videos for this campaign. The result was phenomenal: in under two weeks, the brand’s Instagram community grew from 50 to 1,000 followers, and for each new follower, a tree was planted—totaling 950 trees.

Strategic influencer partnerships

Influencer marketing, while effective, can often be costly. We tackled this challenge by identifying and reaching out to 150 influencers in the German market with personalized messages, offering them products to test and share, with no obligations. As a result, a group of 20 influencers willingly agreed to collaborate and review the product on their social media accounts.

Additionally, we didn’t shy away from paid collaborations when beneficial. A particularly successful collaboration was an Instagram reel with an influencer, which garnered over 10,000 views and 8,000 likes. Beyond these collaborations, we engaged organically with the target audience’s accounts, leaving likes and meaningful comments from the official brand accounts. This strategy significantly boosted engagement and built a more personal connection with the audience.


The strategic and creative efforts bore fruit swiftly. Within just two weeks, the brand witnessed a staggering growth from 50 to over 1,000 followers on Instagram, a clear indicator of the campaign’s success.

More than just numbers, this growth represented a burgeoning community of engaged and loyal brand ambassadors.

This project exemplifies how targeted social media strategies, coupled with a deep understanding of brand values and audience preferences, can lead to remarkable results in a remarkably short time. Our client’s journey from an unknown consumer brand to a growing name in sportswear is a testament to the power of well-executed digital marketing strategies.

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