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Hyvä Case Studies: Real Results and Success Stories in Web Performance and User Experience

Are you searching for a solution to enhance your eCommerce website’s speed and user experience? Meet Hyvä, the Magento 2 frontend theme that optimizes performance metrics like PageSpeed scores and Core Web Vitals (CWV) while preserving functionality and design. In this blog post, we invite you to explore five real-world success stories that demonstrate the transformative impact of Hyvä in the digital landscape, showcasing impressive results in web performance and user experience.

Case study 1: Hyvä transformation elevates Läderach’s web performance

Läderach, a renowned Swiss chocolate manufacturer, faced challenges with a fragmented eCommerce setup split between WordPress and Magento 2. Seeking a streamlined solution, they collaborated with scandiweb to migrate to Adobe Commerce, incorporating a Hyvä-based redesign. The primary objectives were to enhance eCommerce architecture, optimize website performance, and improve user experience in line with Läderach’s store concept.

The transformation demanded meticulous work on custom code, frontend logic, ERP integration, and IT security within a tight deadline. The team needed to stabilize the platform, enhance site speed, ensure scalability, and maintain flexibility to adapt to future expansions seamlessly. The Hyvä implementation was pivotal in achieving optimal website performance.


Läderach received the 2023 Design Curve Award at Meet Magento NYC for their innovative and boundary-pushing design principles that boost ROI.

  • Key pages migrated to Hyvä within six months, leading to substantial improvements
  • Total users saw a significant boost of 52.9%
  • Engagement time increased by 25.5%
  • 47.8% surge in conversions observed
  • 39% increase in revenue
  • 93-99 PageSpeed scores for key pages achieved post-migration
  • Core web vitals (CLS, FID, LCP) surpassed industry standards, highlighting Hyvä’s success in enhancing user experience

Read the full case study: Hyvä Case Study: Reaching All Green Core Web Vitals for Läderach

Case Study 2: Hyvä migration boosts Airthings’ website engagement and performance

Airthings, a global leader in indoor air quality solutions, embarked on a crucial website migration project aimed at enhancing data tracking systems and refining analytics components. The project involved upgrading to the latest Magento version, implementing the Hyvä theme, and integrating GDPR-compliant data tracking solutions. 

The challenges encompassed redesigning key pages and migrating them to the Hyvä theme, managing server-side redirects to synchronize domains, and integrating GDPR-compliant data tracking systems. The goal was to strike a balance between improving user engagement and experience while respecting user privacy regarding data collection.


  • 56% increase in user engagement post-migration
  • Improved engagement rates on mobile and homepage
  • 17.11% increase in views per user, enhancing interaction
  • eCommerce KPIs maintained expected levels despite reduced data quantity
  • Notable decrease in cart abandonment, indicating better website performance and enhanced user experience

Read the full case study: Airthings Enjoys 56% Engagement Rate and Aces CWV After Hyvä Migration

Case study 3: JYSK achieves outstanding Google CWV performance with scandiweb support

JYSK, an international retail chain specializing in home furniture and accessories, has partnered with scandiweb since 2014. They embarked on a strategic eCommerce roadmap aimed at introducing various improvements and upgrades to enhance the user experience and organic traffic performance on their eCommerce stores.

The strategy involved 24/7 proactive support for eCommerce services and a dedicated team comprising a project manager, three developers, and designers. Continuous efforts were made to improve CWV, with managed eCommerce Business Intelligence (BI) ensuring critical eCommerce KPIs were visible. Ongoing optimization efforts aimed to enhance customer experience and conversion rates, while monthly insights and improvement suggestions were implemented.


  • New Product Pages design with significant improvements in multiple metrics:
    • 242.8% improvement in Time to Interactive (TTI)
    • 20% increase in First Contentful Paint (FCP)
    • 16.7% increase in Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
    • 275% boost in Speed Index
    • 76.6% increase in PageSpeed score
  • Optimization efforts led to:
    • 20.1% improvement in checkout conversion rate
    • 43.8% increase in transactions
    • 58.0% surge in unique purchases
  • Project delivered a secure website with an optimal user experience, excelling in Google CWV and adhering to industry best practices

Read the full case study: JYSK Achieves Outstanding Google CWV Performance with Hyvä

See the highlights of this project: Acing Google CWV: eCommerce Support That Evolves with Changing Business Needs

Case study 4: Byggmax achieves impressive PageSpeed scores through performance optimization with Hyvä

Byggmax, a prominent Nordic home improvement retailer, faced challenges such as managing diverse product prices and availability across multiple stores. Their goal was to enhance user experience by redesigning key pages and making custom features more user-friendly. They wanted to optimize product listing pages (PLPs) and product detail pages (PDPs) for increased PageSpeed scores on both desktop and mobile devices, all within the context of their custom functionality and complex requirements.

To boost page performance without disrupting their current system, we made the strategic decision to migrate the site to Hyvä incrementally, beginning with global elements, then proceeding to PLPs, and finally PDPs.


  • PLPs improved from 85 to 99, PDPs from 70 to 87
  • By transitioning to Hyvä page by page, the site was made faster where it mattered most
  • The strategic approach taken in this project not only optimized page performance but also provided a seamless fallback plan for website functionality

Read the full case study: Retail Giant Byggmax Reaches 99 PageSpeed Score on Hyvä

Case study 5: Nicokick skyrockets CWV Scores with Hyvä + Magento 2

Nicokick, a part of the Haypp Group and a leading provider of oral nicotine products, sought to revamp its online store for improved PageSpeed scores, especially on mobile devices. Partnering with scandiweb, they aimed to enhance website performance and responsiveness.

The approach involved a complete website redesign based on designs from the Haypp Group and the implementation of the Hyvä theme. The focus was on continuous efforts to improve CWV and ensure seamless module compatibility. Additional enhancements included a custom age verification module and integration with Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel.


  • Up to 4,000% increase in CWV for desktop in the first month, post Hyvä theme implementation
  • 73% of all pages had LCP <= 2.5s
  • Nicokick’s homepage’s Google PageSpeed score soared to 96, a +60-point improvement
  • Project completed three weeks ahead of the deadline, meeting the client’s internal targets

See the highlights of this project: Hyvä + Magento 2 = ~4000% Increase in CWV for Nicokick

Wrapping up

In the eCommerce sphere, where user experience is undeniably at the forefront, Hyvä emerges as a reliable and practical solution. The case studies we’ve explored in this article paint a compelling picture of the tangible benefits this innovative solution can bring to the table. From a notable boost in performance metrics to a remarkable increase in user engagement, Hyvä showcases its transformative potential. Whether you’re a small business or a major player in the eCommerce arena, we offer a streamlined path to enhanced web performance through Hyvä without compromising the design and functionality that are essential to your brand’s identity.

If you’re curious about how Hyvä can transform your eCommerce business, we’re all ears! Reach out today, and let’s talk about how this innovative solution can boost your web performance and enhance user experience.

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