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Magento Development: Digital Solutions for Brands in the Food & Beverage Industry

Magento’s (Adobe Commerce) extensive customization capabilities allow for creating unique, engaging online stores that cater specifically to the diverse preferences of food and beverage consumers. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with multiple brands in the industry to help manage and enhance their Magento stores. 

Projects launched for Läderach, Monthly Clubs, Monin, Baked by Melissa, and Greatlife demonstrate how our proactive approach to Magento development and maintenance and strategic migrations to PWA or Hyvä has paved the way for their success. They’ve been able to offer compelling, seamless, customer-centric online experiences that contribute to business growth.

The challenge

Today’s shoppers expect quick, easy-to-use websites. A slow or complicated site can make them leave before buying anything. Moreover, when moving to a new online platform or updating an existing one, brands risk losing data or experiencing operational downtime, leading to lost sales and customer dissatisfaction.

Our clients from the Food and Beverage sector faced several obstacles related to website performance, functionality, and user-friendliness that stifled their ability to expand and connect with customers.

Our approach

The following five case studies highlight tailored solutions to these challenges, focusing on strategic platform migrations, custom functionality development, and user interface enhancements. We helped our clients to overcome these barriers and enhance their website performance and customer engagement.

Case study 1: Streamlining Läderach’s eCommerce on Magento+Hyvä

Läderach is a Swiss chocolate manufacturer celebrated for its exquisite offerings and widespread distribution across over 50 countries. Our collaboration was established to migrate Läderach’s fragmented ecosystem at the time to Magento (Adobe Commerce), leveraging the modern Hyvä theme for a comprehensive redesign.

magento development laderach case study

The project entailed extensive custom coding, frontend logic refinements, and ERP integration, ensuring the new platform’s stability, speed, scalability, and adaptability for future growth.

Project highlights

  • Simplified eCommerce build that is scalable and easy to manage
  • Key pages migrated to Hyvä in six months
  • eCommerce architecture optimization and user experience improvements aligned with Läderach’s new store concept
  • Optimized website performance, reaching a 93 PageSpeed score for the homepage and PDP on desktop and a 99 score for the PLP on desktop; all green Core Web Vitals for both desktop and mobile
  • Improvements in KPIs after the Hyvä upgrade
    • +25.5% average engagement time
    • +4.5% engaged sessions per user
    • +47.8% conversions
    • +52.9% total users
    • +39% revenue

The project also included new backend functionalities to ease SEO and CMS management, streamline content updates, and maintain consistent styling. By introducing gift cards and DotDigital integration for lead generation, Läderach enhanced its marketing suite, further engaging customers and driving sales.

The transformation of Läderach’s eCommerce system into a cohesive Magento solution, enhanced with Hyvä efficiency, resulted in a significantly improved online store and superior customer experience, setting a new benchmark and flexible foundation for the company’s future strategy.

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Case study 2: Six subscription clubs under one Magento 2 roof

For over 30 years, Monthly Clubs has been committed to delivering exceptional quality and variety to its customers and subscribers. Facing the need to modernize and enhance their online presence, they approached scandiweb and embarked on a comprehensive digital overhaul to align with their longstanding principles of quality and value.

magento development monthly clubs case study

Project highlights

  • Mobile theme launch for the oldest beer subscription club in the US
  • A full-scale redesign and technological advancement of Wine Clubs
  • 10+ years’ worth of data successfully migrated out of ERP to Marello
  • Design your own subscription club option with the user journey adapted for both mobile and desktop
  • Checkout flow and payment processing tailored specifically for the subscription business
  • +96.4% average conversion rate in 2 months after the new responsive theme launch

Monthly Clubs’ transformation was multifaceted, targeting user interface and backend processes. They aimed to introduce a more engaging and seamless online experience for their subscribers, enhancing the platform’s visual appeal and functionality. The strategic roadmap outlined the implementation of new payment data management features and a focus on mobile optimization to cater to the increasing number of mobile users. We also tackled accessibility challenges, ensuring full compliance with WCAG 2.1 standards.

As a result, we saw a 58.8% reduction in shopping cart bounce rates during peak season and a 96.4% increase in the average conversion rate within just two months. Moreover, the website welcomed new customers from mobile devices, with a 42.3% increase in organic traffic acquisition after the mobile theme launch.

On the operational side, over a decade’s worth of data was seamlessly migrated from ERP to Marello, streamlining shipment and order processing and allowing the team to focus on marketing and customer care.

Case study 3: Enhancing MONIN’s digital experience with Magento 2 and ScandiPWA

MONIN, the French leader in artisanal beverage solutions, sought to enhance its digital presence to match the premium quality of its products, which are used to create over 8 million drinks daily around the globe. The objective was to modernize their eCommerce capabilities, improve site performance, and ensure a seamless user experience.

magento development monin case study

Project highlights

  • Migration to Magento 2, coupled with ScandiPWA
  • Magento platform upgrades and maintenance to ensure high performance and security
  • Implementation of custom functionalities and integrations like Apple Pay and DotDigital, aimed at enhancing user engagement and conversion rates
  • GDPR, CCPA, ADA, and WCAG compliance

The transition to Magento 2 aimed to revamp MONIN’s online store, which included upgrading all modules for compatibility, ensuring that the website’s intricate features like product recommendations and out-of-stock notifications—worked flawlessly.

ScandiPWA helped redefine the customer interface, delivering an app-like browsing experience that drastically reduced page load times and improved overall site usability. 

Post-launch, we continued to refine the website’s functionality, offering on-demand support, debugging legacy errors from the old build, developing and integrating key extensions, optimizing site performance, and enhancing security measures with the latest security patches. Our collaboration resulted in notable improvements in site performance metrics and user engagement. 

Case study 4: Customized Magento solution for Baked by Melissa

Baked by Melissa is an artisanal cupcake manufacturer with multiple stores across New York City. While they have a significant physical presence, the majority of their business is driven through eCommerce. Recognizing the potential to enhance customer engagement and repeat business, Baked by Melissa wanted to implement a customized events calendar reminder system on their Magento platform.

The primary goal was to develop an events calendar that allows customers to save important dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries, and receive timely email notifications to order cupcakes for their celebrations. This functionality was built on Magento Commerce, incorporating event registry features with bespoke designs and templates tailored to Baked by Melissa’s branding and user experience requirements.

Project highlights

  • Integration and customization of event registry functionality to support the unique needs of Baked by Melissa’s client base
  • Klaviyo integration to streamline email notification processes
  • 24/7 support and ongoing maintenance for a smooth operation of the new features

The events calendar and customized event registry, new login popup feature, and other new functionality implemented by scandiweb gave the client a powerful tool to increase engagement and strengthen customer relationships, showcasing the potential of customized Magento solutions to foster customer loyalty.

Case study 5: Magento platform enhancements for GreatLife

GreatLife, a leading seller of organic dietary supplements in the Nordics, wanted to refine the existing eCommerce infrastructure and introduce new functionalities that align with the market needs.

magento development greatlife case study

Project highlights

  • Full tech setup of the stores for EU and Nordic markets
  • eCommerce ecosystem enhancements—OMS and Akeneo integration with Magento
  • ProfitMetrics integration for optimizing the profitability of sales channels and marketing campaigns
  • Proactive development, CRO, and SEO support brought +78% transactions

We performed timely Magento version and security upgrades to improve site performance and stability. Klaviyo integration for email marketing and Klarna payment solutions, along with the development of loyalty programs and subscription plans, enhanced customer engagement and retention. Backend efficiency improvements, including the simplification of site navigation and updates to modules, further optimized the operational workflow.

The GreatLife platform saw an increase in conversions by 50%, and transactions increased by 78% (+94% transactions from organic search). This project also contributed to a 29.4% increase in revenue.


The success stories in this article reflect the impact a focused, customer-centric approach can have on eCommerce businesses in the Food and Beverage industry. We’ve streamlined shopping experiences and introduced features that resonate with the modern consumer’s expectations while keeping the base—Magento platform—secure and stable. 

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