Scandiweb Stories Recap | Spring 2020

In light of the continued growth of mobile eCommerce, companies are putting increased emphasis on the way consumers use their devices. And there has never been a more important time to do so than NOW.

Scandiweb, eCOM360 conference organizers, organized a free warm-up event in Stockholm to get inspired by and learn from concrete case studies of recent eCommerce success stories. We explored the upcoming trends revolutionizing the digital landscape & what the future holds for merchants worldwide, side by side with industry experts. This is how it went →

Rising Stars of Akeneo PIM implementations!

We’re delighted and honored to announce that Scandiweb has been awarded among the TOP 3 Akeneo PIM implementations in the world at the APS Akeneo summit 2020! This is why →

Let’s discuss if the Kubernetes hype is validated

ScandiPWA invites both intro-level business and advanced tech people to meet up! Advanced Kubernetes users will unveil a few WOW things for themselves as well. Watch meetup invitation →

Spending billions shifting to sustainability. Why?

From greentech to sustainable packaging, leading eCommerce brands now try to figure out how to shift to sustainability. Come, learn and be prepared! Another meetup here →

Shadow days 2020

What happens when you invite 60 school children to an IT company that’s all about working hard, partying harder? They fit right in! Shadow day at Scandiweb >

We invited everyone to join Scandiweb’s Data Studio magician Jana Bihanova online to learn what defines any report as “easy-to-read” and how to build one. A bonus treat for webinar attendees: first dibs on our brand new GDS eBook!

On this note: over the years we’ve helped many achieve significant growth. In doing so, we’ve collected dozens of case studies and success recipes. Feel free to browse through Scandiweb’s webinar recordings and eBook library, where we share our secrets to help merchants all over the world grow their businesses. Stay tuned for new additions, too!

Find valuable insights with Google Data Studio

Here’s a guide to dive into functionalities you can leverage with the data visualization tool that is GDS and experiment with some report creation. Follow these steps →

Managing frontend & backend delivery on PWA

PWA adoption rate among Magento merchants is at its highest today. However, this technology brings along the need for React development. Don’t let it become a pain point for your business! Explanatory PDF →

As the uncertain times began, Scandiweb assured: we continue to work at full capacity with delivery schedules remaining unchanged. We have switched to remote work and moved all meetings online.

Yet, we strongly believe this is the right moment to innovate together. Whoever chooses a proactive approach and takes extra steps now, will be far ahead of the competition in a few months. Let’s use this time as an opportunity for eCommerce!

Current SEO concerns and opportunities

Many online industries now are presented with a great opportunity. It’s time to move fast and make decisions that will help your business today and in the long run. Outplay competition →

Best practices for your online store now

Here are several eCommerce guidance points to consider while navigating through these circumstances with your customer’s best interests at heart. What to focus on →

Scandiweb office goes fully digital

Since we cannot be together in the offices like we are so used to, we have found a virtual way for colleagues to stay connected throughout the week. Remotely together →

Leveraging the change of plans, we are excited to kick off the ALL-DIGITAL eCOM360 conference warm-up with an integrated selection of sessions from the main event happening in autumn.

On April 17, attendees got the chance to interact with online commerce industry experts from the comfort of their home and office, located anywhere on the globe. Full recording →

Challenges of Health SEO in 2020

Google searches related to the health industry are currently booming, yet there isn’t one magic formula for becoming a high authority website there. We can provide several important steps to take →

Imagine how much more would you make a month if your checkout drop-off rate decreased by 5%? What if it was 10%? Turns out it’s not that impossible!

More than 2/3 of users abandon their carts when shopping online due to various reasons. Whatever the cause of abandonment is, these prospects indicated buying interest for your product, therefore your task is to make the checkout experience as seamless as it can be.

To achieve this, we developed a custom checkout optimization framework proven to work for different retail industries.

Joined by Marello representatives & Scandiweb, experienced with Marello implementation hands-on, we discussed benefits and main, as well as the out-of-the-box features this platform offers. Watch now →

SEO-seamless migration to Magento 2

What can go wrong if SEO specialists are involved only right before the new website launch? How to keep your website intact during migration? Avoid these scenarios →

Six subscription clubs under one roof

The challenge was a mobile theme without affecting desktop UX and SEO. The result was a 96.4% CTR increase and a 58.8% bounce rate decrease. The approach was →

You must have already been aware for a while now about Magento 1 End of Life in the summer of 2020. We prepared an eBook that describes Magento 1 -> 2 migration process and all the prior-during-after steps it requires.

If you’re still running a Magento 1 store, you should probably figure this migration thing out asap as possible. Check out the guide & feel free to pass it to your team!

Organic traffic that went up after migrating

This migration from WordPress to Magento 2 couldn’t have happened smoother regarding the site’s search engine rankings. Process notes →

Migration of a different caliber

Have you decided or think about migrating to PWA? There are many checkboxes to tick in terms of not breaking the website’s SEO. Consider using this checklist →

That is it for now. See you at our next recap! Stay tuned to hear more news from the Scandiweb team!

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