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SEO Crash Course: Hreflang Tags. Lesson 3/8

A major advantage any online store has is the fact that it can overcome physical barriers. Customers can reach your products around the world. Is your eCommerce store available in several languages in different countries? Are you planning to expand in the future?

During the third lesson of Scandiweb’s SEO Crash Course, find out ways you can guide search engines through different languages and target countries and how to rank with the correct website version of your store.

To catch up with the course, don’t forget to watch Lesson 1, robots.txt & Lesson 2, canonical tags.

Topics covered in this video:

  • Hreflang tags for different languages and target countries
  • International SEO: how to rank for the target audience country
  • Store localization for Magento 2 stores.

“When you are targeting multiple languages or countries, invest time in proper SEO setup—website and URL structure, hreflangs, and automated redirects. Paying attention to details can win you way higher rankings with localized content.”

What is HREFlang? 

HREFlang is a tag attribute used to indicate what geographical region your content is for and the language of your website content. In short, it helps Google to:

  • Navigate through different versions of the website
  • Understand which website is for what country.

If you run an online store in several languages, you want your customers to visit the correct page based on their location. To make sure that users find their country’s URL in the search results, you need to implement hreflang tags.

Continue to the next lesson on XML Sitemap! Need assistance in improving your position in search results? Have additional SEO concerns? Let us help you! Feel free to browse our SEO services and don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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