90+ PageSpeed score for BigCommerce

We overcome BigCommerce limitations and make your main store pages scoring 90-100 in Page Speed Scores.
50+ leading global brands were optimized by us
300+ Analytics setups delivered for leading global brands

Results we promise

90+ PageSpeed scores even on mobile

High Google Page Speed scores = instant page loading and frictionless customer experience.





All green Core Web Vitals

All green Core Web Vitals = higher Google ranking.





4 weeks go to market

Keep your existing design and optimize only critical transactional pages affecting the score the most.

Technology behind us

No risk! We take care of it all

Keep the same design, the same marketings scripts, the same back-end...enjoy higher conversions!

What is our approach?

Scandiweb can make your main store pages scoring 90-100 in
Page Speed Scores keeping the same design and user experience.

Initial setup

To start with we need:
Access to your BigCommerce store to run 3rd party plugins compatibility audit
Access to your Tag Manager to review marketing scripts
Development store setup
All accesses are shared upon your onboarding to scandiweb.

UI optimization

Content & Messaging
Email & Social
Paid Marketing
Organic Search

Our team will keep exact the same UX & UI that what you currently have. Process takes ~3 weeks and optimization is happening on demo environment without any affect to your current website.


Mobile & Desktop
PX & Merchandising
Checkout & Post Purchase
Unified Commerce

That's it! Enjoy instant load time and higher page speed scores. Everything else stays the same :)

Start PageSpeedScore optimization today

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What other options do I have?
Option A
If you get to used other Google services and using other Google-stack products, that’s the most common option to migrate to the newest version of Google Analytics.
Option B
There are plenty of options and if you were not happy with Google products that’s a great timing to get to know alternatives
What is Google Analytics 4?

A little backstory of Google Analytics is necessary to fully understand what GA4 is:

Google Analytics: The first version of Google Analytics, which were first introduced in 2005

Universal Analytics (UA): The updated and enhanced Google Analytics release from 2012, which took over as the default property type.

Google Analytics 360: This is a software package that came out in 2016 that, in addition to including Universal Analytics, also included Data Studio, Tag Manager, Surveys, Optimize, Audience Center and Attribution.

Google Analytics 4: This is the newest version of Google Analytics, which was released on October 14, 2020.

Why to migrate now?

Because GA4 will elevate analytics and the insights you can derive from it, moving to it should be a top priority. This will keep your company moving forward in the proper direction and enable you to accomplish a number of New Year’s goals.

Besides, if you already are using Google Analytics 3 (universal analytics), then there isn’t a choice if you are willing to continue using Google Analytics, except for migrating to another analytics tool.

How much time does it take to migrate to GA4?

2-3 weeks if we are talking about just the migration to GA4. From the first discovery meeting to post go-live actions.

What other analytics problems can you solve for me?

If you are facing any analytics problem, there is a big 95% chance that we have already solved it or a similar issue for our other clients.

Please, visit our Problems we solve page and you just might find an issue that you are facing and we can happily help you with!