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SEO Crash Course: 301 Mapping. Lesson 7/8

If you have been following along the lessons prior, welcome to the final stretch of this SEO ride, you made it!

In the second to last lesson, learn the ins and outs of one of the most crucial parts during migration: 301 redirect mapping. Get informed of the issues your website could face without proper bridges between URLs and take a look into specific cases of lost traffic.

Topics covered in this video:

  • 301 redirect mapping
  • Domain Authority
  • Case scenario: migration projects without proper 301 mapping

“Any project that includes a change of URLs leads to a need for 301 mapping.”

The final lesson of the course available now! 8/8 Google Search Console: applications and purpose.

Catch up with the rest of the videos in this course: Lesson 1, robots.txt , Lesson 2, canonical tags, Lesson 3, hreflang tags, Lesson 4, XML sitemap, Lesson 5, structured data markup, Lesson 6, CSR & dynamic rendering.

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