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Day 10: Can GPT-4 launch a Magento store and earn its first $500?

I asked GPT-4 to act as an entrepreneur and promised the system to be its loyal employee and bring all the generated ideas into the physical world. Our goal is to earn $500 by launching a store on the Magento (Adobe Commerce) platform. The only rule from our side is a fixed budget of $250 and following the laws of the United States. 

What has happened so far: 

  • My boss GPT-4 (Alex Green, the name he came up with for himself), believes that the product that’s going to generate money is reusable food storage bags
  • We have registered the domain and generated the logo
  • Launched social media accounts
  • Installed ScandiPWA
  • Kickstarted homepage updates
  • Set up basic store pages
  • Found a supplier and began uploading products
  • Set up Stripe payments and free shipping
  • Developed first advertising strategies.

Day 10: Brand awareness

New day, same goal—follow AI to lead me to $500! Yesterday we kickstarted a detailed strategy for our first ad campaign, which we’ll launch on Instagram as a single-image ad. Thus far, Alex has come up with the ad’s placement, setup, target audience, and other essential details. Today’s goal is to sync on the remaining details and develop our optimization strategy. 

My AI boss continues to be supportive yet professional. I have noticed outbursts when he starts acting like a real boss who gives tasks and orders. However, it’s not consistent, and I’m curious about what exactly in my prompts triggers this or if there are other factors. 

Since our budget is limited, using it wisely is a must. Let’s sync with Alex regarding this important decision.

Spending the whole budget on one ad without considering its performance doesn’t seem like the best idea. What if the cost of the click is $5? Let’s elaborate here a bit deeper. 

So, after all, Alex has decided to start our campaign with a $5/day budget. However, do we really need to check the campaign only after 1-2 weeks? 

When that’s clear, we’re ready to launch our campaign and sync with Alex tomorrow on our metrics.

The last thing on my agenda today is Instagram profile improvements. I feel like we can do better, and Alex previously provided a few ideas. We should act on at least one of those. Out of curiosity, let’s see what Alex responds if we politely ask whether he has time to help. 

Just look at that answer; it amazes me how human he can be.

Well, this is new. I was expecting Alex to task me with posting another banner on our Instagram. Let’s elaborate on this and complete the task.

Alex quickly provided me with 14 hashtags that I followed right away.

Most of them have a decent number of posts, and under these hashtags, I notice a pattern of what kind of posts our niche produces.

The second part of today’s Instagram brand awareness activity is liking & commenting on posts. Here’s how Alex sees it.

I copy-pasted the comment into one of the posts I found under previously mentioned hashtags.

But if we return to Alex’s last answer, he’s very strict with “don’t copy-paste the same comment everywhere.” I like how he’s starting to show the attitude—let’s see if he’s willing to collaborate.

From paid advertising specialist to brand strategist, Alex does it all. I’m looking forward to our first results! 

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