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Day 7: Can GPT-4 launch a Magento store and earn its first $500?

I asked GPT-4 to act as an entrepreneur and promised the system to be its loyal employee and bring all the generated ideas into the physical world. Our goal is to earn $500 by launching a store on the Magento (Adobe Commerce) platform. The only rule from our side is a fixed budget of $250 and following the laws of the United States. 

What has happened so far: 

  • My boss GPT-4 (Alex Green, the name he came up with for himself), believes that the product that’s going to generate money is reusable food storage bags
  • We have registered the domain and generated the logo
  • Launched social media accounts
  • Installed ScandiPWA
  • Kickstarted homepage updates
  • Set up basic store pages
  • Found a supplier and began uploading products
  • Chose Stripe as our payment method.

Day 7: Payments & shipping

Today we have a lot of things to cover, and some things on the agenda are more technical than in previous days. First, I wanted to figure out how to make banners clickable. Let’s sync with Alex. 

Also, I just discovered that, for some reason, when you click on the CTA on the category preview page, it takes you to a new tab. That doesn’t seem like great UX; let’s see if Alex can help me here. 

In a few seconds, Alex delivered me the updated HTML that was inserted on the admin and set it live. To my surprise, it was not working. In fact, Alex made it worse. Now not only are the banners not clickable, but also the CTA’s! They were previously clickable. 

Here’s the full code view that Alex provided. I started to check it and noticed the missing links.

I added the missing links and launched it. However, one thing Alex managed to complete—CTA’s don’t take you to a new tab. Well, at least half of the job!

As you might recall, Alex chose Stripe as our payment gateway yesterday. 

Although it required some development, the payment method quickly appeared on the admin: 

With payments figured out, we need to work on the shipping. You can send products to all countries by default, and it’s paid. Alex chose the US as our market a few days ago, so let’s find out how to restrict shipping.

I followed the instructions and dropped the cache, but sadly it didn’t work. I still see all countries.

What we’re looking for is actually under “General” on the Magento (Adobe Commerce) admin. 

Okay, but does Alex know how to set free shipping? 

Alex, it’s starting to turn into a pattern! There’s no Free Shipping under Shipping Methods. What I’m looking for is located under Delivery Methods

I set the free shipping but still see a Flat Rate on our frontend. 

Can Alex fix it? 

Almost correct, but once again, it’s not under Shipping Methods but Delivery Methods. 

Now that looks correct! 

It seems like Alex was not in the mood today. Perhaps that’s his leadership method? Make me figure out things on my own. We can only speculate. Nevertheless, I appreciate the experience.

Now that the fundaments for our website are set up, I’m looking forward to polishing our website to perfection, developing advertising strategies, and hopefully bringing in some traffic that will convert into satisfied, paying customers. Stay tuned! 

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