6 steps to increase PPC campaigns ROI

Paid Search in Google & Microsoft Ads

We start by analysing all your paid channels and accounts setup, followed by the full clean-up and campaigns reconfiguration. Historical performance, products seasonality, margins and best performing location are considered during setup along side with 50+ other criteria.

Our PPC secret sauce is in daily optimization of campaigns, making up to 10,000 changes in ad accounts monthly and precise targeting by keywords, on-site behaviour, detailed demographics, similar users, location, devices, in-market data.

Our PPC methodology allows us to promise ROI increase in 9 out of 10 cases.

Working with Scandiweb has been a smooth ride from the start. Beyond the extreme friendliness and enthusiasm, Scandiweb, and more specifically the PPC team, shows great reactivity and professionalism.

Daily, the PPC team accompany us on multiple PPC campaigns, always guiding us and helping us make the right decisions to reach the best possible results but also taking the time to explain to us when we are lacking knowledge.

It has been terrific working with a partner who is committed as I am to our brand. I look forward to seeing where it will take us, up higher, as always.
Senior Marketing Manager
Florence Kis

Promotions on Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs)

We help to increase product visibility with Google Shopping campaigns, including setup of automatic Product Feeds from your eCommerce platform to any CSEs.

Dynamic retargeting

Setup dynamic retargeting to follow unconverted high intent visitors with personalised offering across Google Display and Social Media networks. Leads will be followed by recently viewed products, products from similar categories based on configured merchandising rules or any other offer.

Moreover, we leverage users on-site behavior data and all available targeting options to personalize offering for every customer segment e.g. differentiating between cart abandoners and product description readers.

Social Ads in Facebook, Instagram & TikTok

Capture new audience in social media - we start with precise conversion tracking setup (e.g. Facebook CAPI) and definition of all micro and macro conversions to be tracked.

Creative team works in parallel to define the most engaging strategy followed by required ad assets creation, campaigns setup and ongoing optimisation for the best ROI.

Ongoing ads testing framework is used to select the best performing ad assets. Ad content management usually requires:

Campaign ideation and brief


Messaging & scripting

Static & dynamic ad assets creation

Videos animations

On-going A/B/n testing

GenerateB2B leads in LinkedIn

LinkedIn Advertisement allows to target your ideal audience based on attributes as company info, job experience, education, demographics, interests and traits.

We merge both demand generation tactics and account-based approach for the best results - we setup creative lead generation ads with well-crafted targeting options as well as manually research leads data based on your ICP and upload them into custom retargeting audience or reach them with cold outreach methods.

Multi-channel users acquisition strategy

We know how difficult it is to find a balance in marketing budget allocation - in which paid channel to invest more or what organic activities to expand.

Our Digital Marketing Strategists setup your growth plan considering whole ecosystem and customer lifestyle - offered strategy will combine SEO, PPC, Analytics, customer experience on-site, post-purchase journey and cross-platform engagement.

4 reasons to let Scandiweb manage your PPC campaigns

USD 3M+ of paid budget managed yearly, official Google partners

We are trusted by big and small, from international expansion to 80+ countries from touchscreen technology inventors to FTM prosthetics industry startup.

Daily optimization of campaigns, up to 10,000 manual changes monthly

Our secret sauce is in daily optimization of campaigns, making up to 10,000 changes in ad accounts monthly and precise targeting by keywords, on-site behaviour, detailed demographics, similar users, location, devices, in-market data.

~30% increase in ROI

On average our customers see ~30% increase in ROI in 3 month after we overtake daily work on the account and start optimisation.

Work with eCommerce Growth Team

We have all knowledge to grow your traffic under one roof: PPC, SEO, Content & UX specialists working under one roof to get not just MORE traffic to your store but relevant traffic that converts into sales. Analytics audit pointed to discrepancies in Facebook Ads conversions tracking? No problem, tech team sits in the same room and can fix it within a few days.

If you have PPC account that is not performing, we can help too, check these ✅ resolved issues

90% of Paid budget is spent on brand keywords

Google Ads account structure is blocking performance

Ads spent is bigger than return (low ROAS)

Ads are getting many clicks, but no conversions are coming

Products with low marginality are sold in Google Shopping campaigns

Only one channel is used for paid ads

Get  in touch

What is happening, when we overtake your PPC account?

Opportunity check

We start by auditing your store to identify low-hanging fruits and immediate attention items to bring value to your account within first weeks.

PPC program estimation

We offer several options to chose from depending on your internal team setup, maturity in Paid Advertising and importance of identified improvements. We present identified opportunities along side with PPC strategy draft and PPC program offer tailored to your business needs. Agreement is signed at this stage.

PPC strategy finalization

You get introduced to the main experts who will working on your account. We run a “discovery” session with all pending questions and finalize PPC strategy we will be following.

6-month PPC optimization roadmap

Based on confirmed Traffic Acquisition strategy and initial PPC audit we develop 6 months optimization plan outlining main KPIs to be reached monthly.

Ad creatives & copy creation

Remarkable ad creative & text copy gets by x3 times more clicks, so we spend time together to prepare several variations of banners for every funnel stage.

Ongoing ads testing framework

Social ads require new banners to be tested bi-weekly to identify best performing assets.

Weekly or bi-weekly progress reporting

Active worked kicked-off and we meet weekly or bi-weekly to align all teams on the progress and pending action items. It is critical to ensure smooth collaboration on both sides, including your internal Marketing team and Scandiweb SEO team.

Monthly KPIs

Monthly report will be delivered in your inbox showcasing the progress on the goals we set at the first dates of the months and changes in the main KPIs such as ROAS.

Further growth & acceleration planning and execution

As soon as PPC account improved it’s performance, we take a holistic view on your other Traffic Acquisition activities: SEO, PPC, Content & UX specialists gather together to present other opportunities to help your store earn more.

Our PPC efforts helped bring more revenue for each marketing dollar spent for these brands:


How fast can we start?

We will be in touch same or next business day after contact form is submitted. Initial audit will take 3-4 days and hands-on work is usually started within 1-2 weeks.

How much would it cost?

You will get an offer for PPC program tailored to your business within a few days after we run initial audit. Usually, we are 30-50% below top offers you were getting because we keep our hourly rates competitive hiring globally and do many complex things much faster automating them since 2015. We are also 30-50% more expensive than the cheapest option you would get because while our hourly rates can be comparable, we see and estimate a much broader scope that we need to take care of for efficient PPC campaigns day to day management than cheapest PPC programs can offer.

Do you work only with eCommerce?

eCommerce-specific Search, Social and  Shopping Ads is 80% of what we do. We also support B2B-only and lead generation businesses around the world.

If I have Shopify Plus store, can you work with it? Or you support PPC only for Adobe Magento platform?

eCommerce platform does not matter in PPC optimization. We have tech know-how on conversion and tracking pixels setup on every major eCommerce platform: Adobe Magento, Shopify, Bigcommrce, Shopware. Any other PPC-activities are not platform-dependant and we can work with any platform out there.

Should I contact your Traffic Acquisition team if I do migration with Scandiweb?

Yes, if you do migration with us and in parallel want to increase ROI for PPC campaings for your existing store - reach out to Account Manager. Otherwise, Traffic Acquisition team is already involved into the project and will be in touch closer to the go-live in case we will spot PPC optimization opportunities.

What is your primary focus? Search Ads, Social Ads, Display, Google Shopping?

We take care of all PPC-aspects, including holistic view on Traffic Acquisition strategy, campaign ideation and briefing, tech setup, ongoing management in all platforms - Search, Display, Social, Programmatic.

In what countries you can do PPC optimizatoin?

Worldwide. Our primary focus are English-speaking countries, but we have experience rolling out international PPC strategies worldwide since our team is located in 33 different countries.

Want to take deeper dive into PPC for eCommerce?

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