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How to Improve eCommerce Product Information Management with Akeneo PIM

If you’re managing an extensive product range and want to improve your product data quality, Akeneo PIM is the tool you need. Designed to provide centralized, efficient product information management, Akeneo PIM helps businesses enhance data accuracy, simplify localization for international markets, and accelerate product time-to-market. This article offers the top benefits of integrating Akeneo PIM into your operations, how it maximizes data quality, and its impact on eCommerce performance. Discover how it could transform product experience management and scalability within your business.

Key takeaways

  • Akeneo PIM simplifies the management of extensive product data, supports cross-border commerce, and improves speed to market, making it an asset for businesses with large and diverse product ranges.
  • Product data quality and consistency are maximized with Akeneo PIM’s data quality insights and Asset Manager, leading to superior product experiences and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Integration, scalability, and careful selection of the appropriate Akeneo PIM solution can significantly propel a business’s growth, eCommerce performance, and ability to enter new markets efficiently.

Understanding Akeneo PIM

Akeneo PIM (product information management) is an application designed to simplify the management and enrichment of product data. It’s specially designed for retailers or brands with a wide range of products or services and large amounts of product data.

Akeneo PIM offers an intuitive interface that requires minimal training, enabling teams to focus on what truly matters – delivering value to the customers through effective product information management.

Akeneo PIM isn’t solely focused on simplicity. Its robust capabilities extend far beyond managing data. Akeneo PIM supports cross-border commerce, managing product data requirements, and localizing for different countries and languages without the need for duplicative manual work.

Imagine having a centralized system for all your product information – that’s what Akeneo PIM provides. With Akeneo PIM, organizations can expand their product range and adopt new products more quickly. It’s a tool built to adapt and grow with your business, making it an invaluable asset in your technology arsenal.

Akeneo pricing is a must-have consideration for businesses looking to implement a PIM system. Akeneo offers several editions, including a free, open-source Community Edition and several paid editions like the Growth Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Serenity Mode, each with its own set of features, support levels, and scalability options. Akeneo pricing for these editions is not publicly listed and typically requires consultation with Akeneo’s sales team to get a quote that reflects the specific needs and scope of the business.

Improving data quality with Akeneo PIM

Illustration of data quality insights in Akeneo PIM

Akeneo PIM stands out when it comes to ensuring the quality of product data for a company, a crucial factor for business success. It provides a data quality insights dashboard and automation features to optimize product information management.

The result? High-quality data for variant products and improved data quality across the board. With these tools, businesses can systematically identify and rectify inconsistencies, incomplete information, or errors in product data, ensuring that the information available to customers and partners is both accurate and reliable.

The dashboard’s visual representations and metrics offer an immediate understanding of where attention is needed, enabling teams to prioritize their efforts effectively. By leveraging Akeneo PIM’s capabilities, companies can foster trust with their customers through the assurance of data integrity, which in turn, can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Data quality insights

Data quality insights in Akeneo PIM offer a comprehensive view of your product catalog’s quality. The dashboard includes widgets that allow you to quickly view the current quality score for your favorite categories and families.

Aside from just viewing data, taking action is a significant part of the process. The PIM allows users to filter views of the catalog to focus on areas that require the most improvement, based on data quality scores. As you work on improving data quality, Akeneo PIM’s recommendations in the data quality insights panel provide valuable guidance.

Following these recommendations can enhance attribute consistency across your product information, leading to significant improvements in overall data quality.

The advantages of data quality insights go further than just enhancing data. Consistency in product experiences across multiple channels, including mobile, social media, and in-store, is facilitated by Akeneo PIM. This helps brands to avoid discrepancies and provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers.

Asset manager

Akeneo PIM’s asset manager is designed to optimize the crucial task of effective asset management for any business. The asset manager offers flexible templates known as asset families, which define the structure of assets. These families are customizable according to specific asset types, resulting in a tailored asset management process.

The asset manager also leverages a naming convention feature to extract information for auto-population of attributes and product link rules to automatically link assets to products, ensuring precise asset-to-product associations. This level of automation and precision in asset management is just one of the ways Akeneo PIM delivers value to businesses.

Enhancing eCommerce site performance

Enhancing eCommerce site performance

Akeneo PIM is more than a tool for managing product data – it’s a potent ally that can improve eCommerce site performance. The platform offers customizable features that allow users to tailor data management and personalization of their user interfaces, all while being incredibly easy to use.

By increasing product discoverability, Akeneo PIM aids in search engine optimization and enhances marketplace visibility. The result? More eyeballs on your products and, ultimately, increased sales.

However, the goal isn’t solely to attract more visitors to your site; efficient management of product information across various platforms is equally important. Akeneo PIM does this with export profiles that distribute localized data to different eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, facilitating cross-border commerce.

Companies like Scicon and Technodom have experienced tangible improvements in eCommerce performance by using Akeneo PIM. Some of the benefits they have seen include:

  • Managing huge amounts of SKUs
  • Reducing return rates
  • Improving time-to-market
  • Enhancing localized product offerings.

Streamlining product experience management

Illustration of streamlined product experience management with Akeneo PIM

The ability to deliver customized product experiences across various commerce channels is the key to success. Akeneo PIM plays a crucial role in this by supporting the presentation of comprehensive product information and enabling personalization for shopping experiences catering to customer behaviors and preferences.

Product experience management, or PXM, is all about creating compelling customer experiences through consistent and contextual product information. Akeneo PIM’s defined data governance facilitates this, ensuring that your customers always get the best product experience possible.

However, the focus isn’t solely on delivering excellent product experiences; optimizing the process behind it is equally important. Akeneo PIM offers the following features to simplify product experience workflows and streamline the localization process for international markets:

  • Customized tasks for regions and product categories to promote team collaboration
  • Streamlined localization process
  • An invaluable tool in product experience management.

This combination of offering a delightful experience through excellent product experience and streamlining the process behind it makes Akeneo PIM an invaluable tool in product experience management.

If you’re interested in diving further into Akeneo’s capabilities, don’t miss our crash course:

Simplifying integration with ERP and other systems

Simplifying integration with ERP and other systems

Integration with existing systems is essential in a complex business ecosystem. Akeneo PIM is designed to integrate with a company’s existing technology stack, which includes:

  • ERP systems
  • Supplier data
  • Online storefronts
  • Mobile applications
  • POS systems
  • Print catalogs.

The platform features connectors to facilitate interoperability among different systems and streamline operations. Akeneo offers a marketplace that provides extensions and connectors, enabling integration with third-party systems such as ERP, CRM, and eCommerce platforms, all powered by the Akeneo Product Cloud.

However, integration is not merely about connectivity; compatibility plays a vital role as well. Akeneo PIM supports various data import and export formats, including CSV, XLSX, and API-based exchanges, to ease integration. Whether you’re using Akeneo’s built-in connectors or an API, seamless data transfer between ERP systems and Akeneo PIM is ensured.

Scaling your business with Akeneo PIM

With business growth, the needs evolve and so should the systems. Akeneo PIM’s flexible architecture ensures it can evolve with your changing business needs, making it a viable long-term solution for growth. Its data model is flexible, catering to current and future catalog needs, and supporting a company’s expansion and business strategy development.

Akeneo PIM offers the following benefits:

  • Efficiently handles large product catalogs
  • Ideal for businesses aiming to broaden their product range without compromising on data quality or management
  • Automation features that improve efficiency and enable teams to focus on strategic activities
  • Enhances a company’s ability to quickly and smoothly enter new markets.

Akeneo PIM not only facilitates business growth but also propels it. Businesses utilizing Akeneo PIM have seen significant revenue growth, attributable in part to faster and more effective product time-to-market.

Choosing the right Akeneo PIM solution

Akeneo PIM solution

To fully leverage the potential of Akeneo PIM, it is critical to choose the right solution. This involves a thorough evaluation of user needs on several key dimensions, including:

  • KPIs & objectives
  • Product lifecycle & user workflow
  • Data model structure
  • Data cleansing
  • Asset management
  • Supplier data onboarding & initial import
  • Architecture & connections

When selecting a PIM solution, taking into account the size of your organization, user maturity, and process complexity is also important. Akeneo PIM software offers flexible deployment options like on-premise, PaaS, and SaaS to fit different IT strategies and resource levels.

Identifying user needs is only the beginning of the selection process. It includes:

  • Crafting a business case
  • Conducting demos
  • Rating platforms based on client-specific factors
  • Summarizing findings.

Given that selecting a PIM can take from one week to 1.5 months and may involve a considerable budget, a methodical approach is essential to minimize design and implementation costs.


Now effective product information management is more critical than ever. Akeneo PIM simplifies managing and enriching product data, supports cross-border commerce, and streamlines asset management processes. It enhances eCommerce site performance, streamlines product experience management, and simplifies integration with ERP and other systems. With its flexible architecture and efficient handling of large product catalogs, Akeneo PIM is built to support business growth.

Akeneo PIM isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer for businesses navigating the complexities of product information management. Akeneo PIM has the power to transform your product data management, enhance your eCommerce performance, and drive your business growth, no matter if you’re a small business or a large enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Akeneo used for?

Akeneo is a product information management (PIM) tool that enables eCommerce businesses to effectively manage their product information, ensuring consistency and completeness across different sales channels and platforms.

What is PIM used for?

PIM is used to manage product data for marketing and sales purposes, providing a centralized platform for handling complex product data and digital assets. It allows different entities to work from a single source of truth.

How does Akeneo PIM enhance data quality?

Akeneo PIM enhances data quality through its data quality insights dashboard and automation features, which optimize product information management and improve data quality.

How does Akeneo PIM enhance eCommerce site performance?

Akeneo PIM enhances eCommerce site performance by boosting product discoverability, improving search engine optimization, increasing marketplace visibility, and enabling efficient product information management across platforms. This ultimately drives more sales and enhances overall performance.

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