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Learn how to optimize your checkout for more conversions. Get to know why customers are leaving, find the right solution to checkout issues, and more!


Avoid errors and website downtime during the visitor spike on Black Friday and Cyber Monday by fully preparing for the sale of the year with this detailed checklist.

Ensure that you fully understand the rules before starting your eCommerce business in the EU. Simply ticking all the boxes in this checklist can save you thousands!

Harness the power of Google Analytics 4 and use it to make smarter business decisions. Find tips on BigQuery integration and data visualization with Data Studio. 

Find all the information about what it takes to migrate a M1 website to M2 with integrated PWA. Advantages, tech stack, migration roadmap, and more.

Take a critical look at the beneficial features Magento 2 has to offer and learn the technicality of the migration process from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

This free eBook presents an overview of the main components and approaches to PWA-specific React development on Magento.

This eBook presents a thorough overview of the core elements and approaches to PWA-specific Vue.js development on Magento. 

A free guide on how to unleash the potential of the Progressive Web App technology to reach new levels of website speed and user experience.

Get creative with a data visualization guide packed with tips on making automated reports that help to make the best data-driven business decisions.

This checklist will help you tackle one of the most challenging processes from an SEO perspective – migrating an existing eCommerce website to a new platform.

A full actionable migration checklist with the specific steps required to usher a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration from start to finish.

A full actionable migration checklist to give you a better understanding of the specific steps required for a successful M1-M2/PWA migration.

Take a peek at a holistic 3-part SEO strategy, accompanied by two case studies of on-going Scandiweb clients that demonstrate the power of well-done SEO.

Find inside basic concepts of A/B testing and get inspired to adopt the experimentative mindset and start running A/B tests.

Target the right audience and reach potential customers through people they have gotten to know and trust.

8 video lessons that will help you to get familiar with SEO from a very practical standpoint, and find out how your projects can benefit from it. 

A complete guide on how you can set up, develop, and deploy a fully functional PWA storefront for free using Create ScandiPWA App. 

Take an exclusive peek into a roundtable discussion containing researched and effective eCommerce SEO tips and strategies to use in 2021.

Listen as the Director of the online store for The New York times tells their rebranding story and explains the role of eCommerce in journalism.

Watch a sit-down with Lenovo’s Global head of online sales about customer satisfaction as a metric and the importance of feedback in eCommerce.